Lyth pressure gauges 701 datasheet

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Lyth pressure gauges 701 datasheet

06701- BAbar G1/ 4 Radial SS / Brass. Models: datasheet P1710, P1714. HOME PRODUCTS & SERVICES DATASHEETS MECHANICAL PRESSURE GAUGES WINTERS INSTRUMENTS PCC SERIES COLOR CODED GAUGE. FI- 11130 Riihimäki www. Most any non- standard pressure range between 000 psi metric equivalent can be provided on a lyth custom lyth basis. click on the " View Entire Datasheet" button. fi Finland, Europe]. Lyth pressure gauges 701 datasheet. data sheet DE 1227 exists 701 in addition.

home products & services datasheet datasheets mechanical pressure gauges winters instruments ppg lyth series 3a pharmaceutical sanitary gauge - - ppg25 Winters Instruments List your products or services on Engineering360 All stainless steel pressure gauges according to EN 701 837- 1 gauges Nominal sizes ND 100 / 160. PRESSURE GAUGES HEAVY VERSION GLYSERINE FILLED Case: Glass:.

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Ashcroft Pressure Gauges • 41/ 2", Grade 2A ( ± 0. 5% FS) • Long Life, Teflon Coated Movement • Adjustable, Self- Locking Pointer • Temperature Compensated • Liquid- Filled Performance in a Dry Gauge ( option XLL) The 1279 series is designed for long life in harsh industrial applications. The phenolic case provides superior chemical and. connected to pressure gauge S2H/ Cap. 00 / capillary lenght S1H/ Cap. 76/ capillary lenght JK Cooling element Body Diaphragm Wetted parts 000 AISI 316 AISI 316L AISIAISI 316 AISI 316L PTFE Options T O- ring PTFE AISI 316 AISI 316L + PTFE AISI 316 Filling fluids- look filling fluid datasheet LHX67 HT26 N9 JK 005 - -.

lyth pressure gauges 701 datasheet

The Ashcroft ® 2274 industrial digital gauges are 12- 36 Vdc powered multifunctional instruments providing exceptional features and performance. Polysilicon thin film technology makes pressure measurement extremely reliable and virtually unaffected by shock and vibration. With optional 4- 20mA analog output and optional SPDT switch output,.